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Safe Sport


What is Safe Sport?

Safe Sport is the ability to build an athlete’s skills in a safe and respectful environment together with constantly improving practices to certify the wellbeing of all participants. With access to training, rules, regulations, guidelines, and policies; these resources allow safe sport to be conducted.

Why is Safe Sport Important?

Safe Sport is important because these young athletes put their trust in our organization to provide a fun and safe experience. We want to deliver an experience for these athletes that allows them to reach their top goals while also reducing as much risk as possible.

This is important for the athletes and their health, as well as their success. We want our players to always be happy and healthy.

How Football Ontario Ensures it is our Responsibility to Help Create a Safe Environment:

Football Ontario has long list of policies pertaining to the health and safety of all internal and external people involved in our sport (coaches, parents/guardians, athletes, and officials).

Football Ontario keeps up with all rules, regulations, and guidelines regarding safety. We want to ensure that everyone associated with this organization has a remarkable experience that guarantees safety is always put first.

We make certain that all coaches have completed all necessary safety training to be qualified to provide a safe environment for all athletes while practicing ethical decision making.

We assure all our officials have proper training to be suitable of officiating games that lead to fair and safe play.



The Canadian Sport Helpline – The helpline offers support to victims and witnesses of harassment, abuse and discrimination. This is an anonymous, confidential, and independent service that is available for all members of the Canadian Sport community whether they are involved at the national, provincial, or local level. 

To contact the Canadian Sport Helpline:
Phone : 1-888-83SPORT(77678)
Email :

More Resources Regarding Safe Sport: