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BFL & Player’s Health

Through Football Canada’s partnership with Player’s Health, and BFL, they will be helping amateur sports organizations to monitor and report injuries and abuse. As well as provide risk and compliance services and establish protocols to mitigate risks and improve overall health and safety of players. This is another safety tool given to membership and the organization to help create the most risk-free environment for our athletes.

Player’s Health will provide guidance and assess quickly on the best care for the health of young athletes. They include injury protocols; rehab assignments; training session monitoring; and private, anonymous abuse and misconduct reporting. They will be able to simplify the communication process between coach, parent, and healthcare provider.

Players Health Rehab will help to track athletes while they are recovering from injury and provide proper “Return to Play” protocol. They are a rehabilitation platform that reduces the insurance-risks of mismanaging injuries.

Players Health Protect is a tool that helps athletes, parents, coaches, and staff to securely report misconduct and inappropriate behaviour
BFL provides a user-friendly risk management tool that will allow for new and higher standards to emerge, they specialize in risk management, insurance brokerage, and employee benefits in Canada.

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