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Football For All

Member Benefits

As one of the largest provincial football organizations in Canada, Football Ontario is happy to serve thousands of young athletes. Our organization develops the sport of football in our province; provides a competitive pathway for athlete development; recruits and trains coaches, officials, and volunteers; conducts provincial championships; identifies and selects athletes for high performance programming; and ensures all member clubs operate within Football Canada’s and the Ontario government’s rules.

With so many member clubs – whether you are a player, coach, official, administrator, or just a family member…there is something that will benefit you.

Club support
  • Membership to Football Ontario
  • Access to various provincial funding
  • Access to resource materials at member rates
  • Access to dispute resolution mechanism
  • Ability to vote at Football Ontario AGM
  • Access to our online player database
Partnerships and sponsors

Football Ontario is committed to partnerships that aim to reach the highest standards of excellence that bring the best benefits to our members.


  •  Area 51
    • Provide top quality uniform and apparel to our members
  • Baron Rings
    • Provide the highest quality of championship rings to our members
  • TeamLinkt
    • Title sponsor of the OCFL, will help grow the brand and create opportunites for the leagues to grow
  • WatchGameFilm
    • Provide our members with excellent video tools to prepare their team better
  • MLSE
    • Assists with events and camps to help grow the game
  • Buffalo Bills
    • Puts on camps for our players as well as assists with our own events
Communications and Promotions

We work hard to keep membership up to date on everything that is happening around football in Ontario


  • Daily social media updates to keep you updated daily
  • Regular press releases on our website that goes into detail on any and all major events and news
  • Mailing list and newsletter with relevant past and present news 
Event and League access

Football Ontario members receive unprecedented access to many leagues, programs, and events both provincially and nationally. This provides athletes with the direction to grow and develop to where they need to be. 


  • Ontario Community Football League (OCFFL)
    •  Ontario Summer Football League (OSFL)
    • Ontario Fall Football League (OFFL)
    • Ontario Community Flag Football League (OCFFL)
  • Football Canada Cup
  • Women’s National Championship
  • CFL Futures
  • First Down Program
  • Ultimate Football 
  • Football Ontario Mega-Clinic
  • Canadian Flag Football League
  • Regional Challenges
Football Canada

Membership to Football Ontario also gives access to many of Football Canada’s programs and services. Our partnership with Football Canada allows us to provide our members with more benefits. We are constantly working to provide our membership with the best possible programs and services


  • Full access to resources including safety programs and initiatives
  •  Ability to participate and host provincial tournaments and championships
  • Full insurance coverage under the Football Canada insurance policy
  • Access to Football Canada’s grassroots programming
  • Access to all sponsorship and partnership benefits
  • Discounts with all Football Canada sponsors as well as free Elite Neuro Kinetics platform evaluation

A small portion of registration fees goes towards insurance coverage for all:


  • Players
  • Coaches
  • Managers
  • Volunteers
  • Game Officials
  • Administrators
ClUb Development
  • Help clubs with guidance on administration, rule development, and long term planning
  • Individual club webinars on important and relevant topics
  • Development of inclusive programming
  • Development of programs for underserved groups
  • Support with grant writing
Technology benefits

 Football Canada’s Mobile Coaching App by Athlete Era


  • Free for all members/participants of Football Ontario
  • Personalized support for both flag and tackle coaches of all experience levels
  • Reduced barriers for first time coaches
  • Aligns with Long-Term Athlete Development plan
  • Easily plan and share practices with your team and fellow coaches 

Our coaching development plan ensures that a comprehensive support platform for providing support to all match officials at all levels and experience.

5 Key Areas to Improve:


  • Education
  • Recruitment and Retention
  • Leadership/Mentorship
  • Administration
  • Talent Identification
Registration System


  • Easy to use registration
  • Chat/Email support
  • Affordable rates for all member associations
Coach Certification, Programming, and Resources

All coaches associated with Football Ontario have access to a wealth of resources that will elevate their standard for coaching.


  • Membership pricing for NCCP
  • Free e-learning modules through the Coaches Association of Canada and the Coaches Association of Ontario
  • Coaching grant opportunities for education and professional development
  • Evaluation and certification opportunities
  • Pathway to advanced diploma in coaching
  • Mentor/Mentee opportunities