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Football Ontario/ Football Canada Insurance Program

Why Liability Insurance?

Because nomatter how careful you are, accidents happen. And, you can be sued by anyone who claims injury or damages resulting from your operations and activities. Even if you are eventually found to be blameless, litigation expenses could severely strain your resources. But liability insurance will defend you and pay for damages that may be awarded against you.

In short, liability insurance gives you peace of mind. In addition, since it protects all members of the association, volunteers who are concerned about their individual liability are more likely to offer their services.

Reporting Incidents:

a. Football Ontario has a special incident report form for all members to use in the event of an incident at a Football Ontario sanctioned football event. Please use this form in the event of an incident (example, injured player, physical and non-physical altercations with a player, coach, volunteer, official or parent).

b. The Incident Report form should be kept for your records. The form is an important step whether and claim is being submitted to the insurance company or not. This information is very important in the event that a claim should be taken to the courts.

Submitting a Claim:

Send required insurance forms to


1. Standard Claim Form & Declaration Form


1. Standard Claim Form & Declaration Form

2. Incident Report Form
*NOTE: This form is to be completed for ALL OCCURENCES whether there was injury or not. This includes but is not limited to, verbal and physical altercations, observer and/or player ejections, property damage, etc.

3. Certificate of Insurance Request Form

Step 1: League, Association or club completes, signs and dates the Certificate of Insurance (COI) Request Form

Step 2: League, Association or club submits completed form to Aaron Geisler

Step 3: Resresentative from Football Ontario signs and dates confirming that the league, association or club is in good standing

A League, club or association is in good standing when:

  • Their status is “in good standing” with Football Ontario
    • Membership documentation completed in full
    • Compliance with all policy and procedures
  • ​They have paid all fees owing to:
    • Leagues
    • Football Ontario (including Football Canada fees)
    • They have not been suspended/expelled by the leagues, Football Ontario or Football Canada

​​Step 4: Football Ontario reviews certificate of request form to ensure membership is in good standing. If members are in good standing, Football Ontario will submit immediatly to insurance broker. If members are not in good standing, Football Ontario will request resolution of any outstanding items.

Step 5: Insurance broker sends COI to Football Ontario and Football Ontario distibutes the COI to applicant.


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