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What is the OCFL?

The Ontario Community Football League’s were created based on the objective of providing football opportunities for all participants under one umbrella for the entire Province.

Football Ontario believes this is an important step in growing the sport of football to provide parents clarity on where to put their kids.


“To Provide Inclusive Football Opportunities for all Ontario Communities.”


“To be the leader in sport delivery in the province.”


1) Community Building 2) Athlete Centered 3) Development Focused 4) Inclusive Opportunities 5) Innovative Delivery
6) Excellence

Why Ontario Community Football?


Football Ontario believes that with a unified marketing, buisness and communication strategy, the organization will be able to maximize community exposure across the province.


A unified programming model across the province is of the utmost importance to Football Ontario. With this in place all programs will fall under one banner for the summer, fall and non-contact programming and will be aligned with Football Canada’s Long-Term Athlete Development model.


Ontario Community Football will create aseveral opportunities for private partnerships. All leagues and associations under one banner will also reduce duplication of financial spending across the province to maximize investment and human resources.

Ontario Community Football Key Objectives

Centralized Website

An objetive of Football Ontario is to have one website that hosts the summer, fall, and non-contact leagues, associations that contain announcements, statistics, and livestreams. A one stop shop for the entire Ontario football community.

Harmonized Policy and Procedure

Ontario Community Football will enforce consistent policies and procedures that are aligned with safe sport, NCCP coaching requirements, long-term athlete development, Football Canada and the Ontario Government.

One Look

Consistent branding across the Ontario Community Football League’s and its various contact and non-contact leagues. One recognizable brand for parents, players, and the entire football community.

Meaninful Competition and Collaboration

Football Ontario wants to implement competition that allows for the most meaninful games and collaboration that allows for the most benefits for the organization’s membership.


Ontario Community Football Structure

The Ontario Community Football League will be the overall brand for the summer, fall and non-contact leagues. It’s main focuses will be on marketing, communication, business development, and policies and procedure implementation.

The Ontario Summer Football League (OSFL) will be responsible for all contact summer football operations for boys and girls Under the age of 18.

The Ontario Fall Football League (OFFL) will be responsible for all contact fall football operations for boys and girls Under the age of 18.

 The National Capital Amateur Football Association (NCAFA) will also be responsible for Fall Football as they are one of our regional members and are responsible for football in and around the Ottawa area.

The Ontario Community Flag Football League will be responsible for all non-contact football operations.


Effective July 1, 2021, and unless otherwise amended by the board pursuant to Football Ontario bylaws, the only three provincial community contact U18 (and under) football leagues sanctioned by Football Ontario are as follows: (i) Ontario Summer Football League (OSFL); (ii) the Ontario Fall Football League (OFFL); (iii) the National Capital Amateur Football Association.

Meaningful Competition and Development – OSFL

These teams will range from development teams in the younger age groups to more high performance teams within the older age groups.

The league will be made up of regional competition and tiered playoffs for at least the first two years of the league. Following these tiered playoffs the league will be fully tiered by analyzing the data from the first year post COVID.

As Inclusive as Possible – OFFL

The OFFL will provide opportunities for all skill levels with a focus on meaningful competition and growing football.

Local association and local leagues will be able to benefit from the overarching branding of the league by participating through marketing and promotion.

Meaningful Competition

Football Ontario will ensure that meaningful competition and the development/wellness of the athlete is at the forefront of delivery.

Long-Term Athlete Development Compliant

The OSFL, OFFL and OCFFL will maintain Football Canada’s standard age categories set out and abide by yearly limits on the number of contact weeksas laid out in the Long Term Athlete Development Competition Review.

Best in Class Delivery

All leagues will have the highest standards in the delivery of football operations while maintaining a supreme focus on safe sport practices for the best and safest experience for all participants.


3 Year Operational Plan

Year 1 – Launch (2021)

Year one will consist of a focus on rebranding and launching the organization and new leagues. Football Ontario will be looking to increase both summer and fall membership. The focus will be on executive integration and the establishment of a new aligned constituition and by-laws.

Year 2 – Grow (2022)

Year two will focus on further integration with aligned by-laws and procedures across the province. This will also include a full delivery of the new leagues including a full marketing campaign to advertise and grow football participation in the province.

Year 3 – Amplify (2023)

As of year three, Football Ontario hopes to have a fully aligned model across the province. This will allow the organization to expand corporate partnerships to increase the value and reach of the leagues while maintaining a standard of excellence in the delivery of the sport.

Marketing and Promotion Strategy

Social Media & Communications

Football Ontario will implement one social media and communication strategy for the Ontario Community Football League to promote all OSFL, OFFL, and OCFFL content.


Football Ontario will implement website platforms that will be able to host all OSFL, OFFL, and OCFFL content.


Football Ontario will utilize one stats platorm that will be integrated into the website for the OSFL, OFFL, and OCFFL.


Football Ontario will implement a streaming platform in order to stream games of the week as well as playoffs for OSFL, OFFL, and OCFFL.


A unilateral sponsorship deck will be created by Football Ontario for the OCFL and the various leagues under its umbrella. This will be utilized in order to acquire a league sponsor/partner as well as age division sponsors.


Football Ontario will implement larger events dellivered by the entire membership to enhance the experience as well as enhance sponsorship acquisition.

What the Leagues Offer