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January 8, 2024

Football Ontario Unveils 2024 Team Ontario Men and Boys Flag Coaching Staffs

Football Ontario Announces the Team Ontario Men and Boys Flag Coaching Staffs

Hamilton, Ontario – Football Ontario has officially unveiled the Head Coaches and Assistant Coaches for the 2024 Men and Boys Flag Program. In 2024, Football Ontario will have four Men and Boys Flag Teams that will represent the province at the Provincial All-Star National Championships, which are to be held in the Spring in Kingston, ON.

To read more about the 2024 Flag High-Performance Program. Please view the 2024 Road Map.

There will be four age groups present at this event:

  • 18 (2006)
  • U18 (2007/2008)
  • U16 (2009/2010)
  • U14 (2011/2012)


YORK REGISTRATION – January 27, 2024 (Boys/Men)

CARLETON REGISTRATION – February 17-18, 2024 (Boys/Men)

The 18 Men’s Flag Program will be led by Head Coach, Jonathan Nedeljkovic. Jonathan brings a wealth of experience from over 13 years of coaching in both tackle and flag football, coupled with a remarkable 26-season playing career. As a seasoned running back, he competed semi-professionally in the US and Canada for many years simultaneously, culminating in two National Championships. Known for his leadership on and off the field, Jonathan often served as a team captain and represented Team Canada in international events. 

His coaching tenure is distinguished by his ability to rapidly transform teams, leading them to significant success in short periods. Jonathan’s coaching philosophy extends beyond physical prowess, cultivating emotional intelligence and resilience and fostering mental fortitude, sportsmanship, and deep respect for the game. His extensive background in sports conditioning, nutrition, and strength training ensures his athletes are well-prepared for every challenge.

Jonathan will be joined on staff by his Assistant Coach, Gary Carter. Gary is a former U Sports football player with the Windsor Lancers. He currently serves as a Flag Football League Operator and Coach.

“It’s an honour to lead the 18 Team Ontario Flag Football team, a role I embrace to shape the future of flag football. My dual experience as a player and a coach instills a deep commitment to nurturing young talent, focusing on building their technical skills, strategic understanding, and mental toughness. Our team will be distinguished not only by our competitive spirit and skill on the field but also by our sportsmanship and respect for the game, players, and officials. Together, we aim to embody the heart and integrity of flag football, competing at the highest levels while upholding the true values of the sport” says 18 Head Coach, Jonathan Nedeljkovic.

The U18 Boys Flag Program is to be led by Head Coach, Matt Hill. Matt currently serves as the Director of Niagara Youth Flag Football which serves over 700 kids in house league and 13 travel teams. Matt has won 3 national championships as a coach and a world championship. 

Most recently, Matt collected Silver at the U16 Football Canada Flag National Championships 2 years ago. He also won Gold at last year’s U14 and U18 provincial championships. Matt coached a U18 Niagara Nitro team to win an American National Championship held at Canton Ohio’s Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Matt is to be joined by Assistant Coach, Daniel Pepe. Coach Pepe has coached at a variety of ages and levels in the Niagara region. He is the Offensive Coordinator at A.N. Myer Secondary School and has coached in the OSFL, CJFL, and at minor levels. Coach Pepe continues to coach youth and high school divisions in the Niagara Youth Flag Football League, and with the Niagara Nitro travel program

“We have unfinished business and I look forward to working with the best players in the province and winning gold.” says U18 Head Coach, Matt Hill.

The U16 Boys Flag Program is to be led by Head Coach, Kevin Dawkins. With an extensive coaching tenure surpassing two decades, Coach Dawkins has fervently devoted himself to developing athletes across diverse age groups and skill levels within the domain of Flag & Touch Football. 

Coach Dawkins consistently prioritizes the pursuit of excellence by guiding women, men, youth, and national teams through the spectrum of competitions, from house leagues to rep games and international tournaments. His coaching journey is characterized by a proud record of triumphs in provincial, national, and international arenas, reflecting the dedication and skill instilled in his teams.

In recent years, Coach Dawkins was honoured to lead the U18 and U16 Boys Team Ontario Flag Football Teams, leaving an enduring impact by securing the bronze medal in the U16 Boys Canadian 5v5 Flag National Championship. This notable achievement is a testament to the resilience and proficiency cultivated in the young athletes under his expert guidance.

Coach Kevin Dawkins’ dedication to the sport has earned him a well-deserved place in the USFTL Hall of Fame as a coach, underscoring his significant contributions to the flag football community. As he continues to channel his expertise into nurturing talent and fostering a love for the game, Coach Dawkins eagerly anticipates the challenges and triumphs on the horizon, always guided by an unyielding commitment to excellence and an authentic passion for the beautiful flag football game.

Coach Dawkins will be joined on staff by his Assistant Coach, Steve Moore. Coach Moore grew up playing both sides of the line, offence and defence, at many competitive levels which provided him with the training, coaching and experiences that allows him to see the game at an elite level. His experiences span 30+ years of playing combined with 20+ years of coaching tackle, touch and flag, with boys and girls of all ages as well as men and women on football fields in many different arenas, parks and stadiums around the world as Head Coach, OC and DC. 

Coach Moore has played, coached and won in multiple Flag Football world games and won many local and National Tackle championships. All of this drives his deep love for the game and his dedication to coach players to become the best they can be, both on and off the field. He coaches to inspire athletes to improve and grow to what their desired goals and abilities are. 

The U14 Boys Flag Program is to be led by Head Coach, Jay Hayes. As a coach, Jay served as the Head Coach of the Hamilton Hurricanes of the CJFL for 13 seasons. Prior to that he was the QB coach and Assistant Offensive Coordinator for McMaster University. 

Currently, Jay also serves as the head coach for the Team Ontario senior men’s program. As a player, Jay spent time as a quarterback in both the CFL and AFL. Jay played quarterback for the Team Canada flag football team winning a world championship in 2003 over Team USA.

Jay Hayes is to be joined on the staff by Assistant Coach, Mo Monaco. Mo has been involved in sports in the community notably football, both playing and coaching, for over 40 years. 

His passion for coaching and mentoring has grown exponentially and to give back to boys and girls through the community is paramount. Coach Mo always lets the kids know that the most important play is the next play!

“As coach I’m very excited to work for football Ontario in the elite flag program with the U14s. Flag football in the province is growing quickly and helping develop individual skills for our young players will be the focus on our team’s success.” says U14 Head Coach, Jay Hayes.

Football Ontario is excited to have these talented and experienced coaches lead the Team Ontario Program in 2024 The organization believes these are the right people to lead the players to a successful year and a success at Nationals in their home province.

“We would like to welcome all of our in-coming Team Ontario Men’s Flag coaches. Each of these high-quality leaders brings a diverse skill set and a wealth of coaching experience which will only strengthen our High-Performance Program moving forward. We are enthused to see how this journey begins to unfold in 2024.”  says JT Tsui, Director of Culture and Sport with Football Ontario 


YORK REGISTRATION – January 27, 2024 (Boys/Men)

CARLETON REGISTRATION – February 17-18, 2024 (Boys/Men)

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