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July 24, 2023

Football Ontario Announces 2023 Kiyena Tsui Greatness Scholarship Recipient

U18 Athlete Receive Bursary for Exemplifying the ‘ALL IN’ Mindset and Embodying Football Ontario’s Core Values

Hamilton, Ontario – Football Ontario announced that the organization has been able to bestow the 2023 Kiyena Tsui Greatness Scholarship to one of our U18 Women’s Tackle athletes. The organization is pleased to announce that the recipient of this year’s scholarship is Olamide Fadahunsi

This scholarship was created in 2022 by the organization’s Director of Sport, JT Tsui, and his wife Elesha Tsui, to reward those young athletes who exemplify an ‘ALL IN’ mindset and embody the core values of Football Ontario. The recipient has had their 2023 Team Ontario fees paid for as a reward for their mindset and hard work.

Olamide has demonstrated an ‘ALL IN’ mentality throughout the entire 2023 High-Performance process by staying engaged and truly giving it her all both for her own benefit as well as her teammates. She has continuously displayed a true passion for the game and an ability to inspire others through his actions.

“We are honoured that Olamide has been awarded the 2023 Kiyena Tsui Greatness Scholarship, congratulations! The Tsui Greatness scholarships were created so that we could acknowledge, praise and celebrate Team Ontario student-athletes like Olamide, who exemplify what it means to be ALL IN. Olamide demonstrates determination, resilience, open-mindedness, and teamwork among many other qualities that make a great athlete. We are looking forward to seeing Olamide’s journey on and off the football field.” says Elesha Tsui, Sport and Performance Nutritionist at Holistic Diamond Performance.

Olamide has time and again demonstrated a mindset and passion that will help her in the future, both on and off the field.

Olamide and the rest of the U18 Team Ontario Red Women’s Tackle team are currently participating in the 2023 Women’s Tackle National Championship in Ottawa, ON. Their next game is on Wednesday, July 26 at 8:30pm ET so make sure to tune in to support the team.


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