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March 23, 2023

Football Ontario Announces Partnership With Healthy Eats

Football Ontario Partners with Healthy Eats as the Official Meal Preparation and Nutrition Sponsor of  Football Ontario and Football Ontario Events

Hamilton, Ontario – Football Ontario is thrilled to announce a two-year partnership agreement with Healthy Eats in order to establish them as the official meal preparation and nutrition sponsor of Football Ontario and Football Ontario events across the province. Football Ontario is focused on providing the best experience to its members and programs and believes that partnering with Healthy Eats will play a huge role in achieving that goal.

Healthy Eats, founded by Luke Thomas, is a meal preparation and nutrition company,  based out of London, Ontario, that offers healthy meal solutions in order for athletes to meet their goals. 

“I am so enthused to announce our new partnership with Healthy Eats as this demonstrates our on-going commitment to Football Ontario’s core pillars of Excellence and Wellness. We wanted to work with Healthy Eats so we could better support our Football Ontario student-athletes, coaches, support staff, volunteers and community at large with high-quality and cost-effective nutritional options, especially on the road. I am looking forward to seeing how Healthy Eats and Football Ontario can work together to grow our beautiful game.” says JT Tsui, Director of Sport for Football Ontario.

Healthy Eats will be the official meal provider of our Team Ontario High-Performance Program, providing nutritional options to our High-Performance athletes in order for them to perform their best on the field. Healthy Eats will be providing meals for all of the organization’s athletes at the various Development Camps and RedBlack Weekend this upcoming Spring.

Healthy Eats will also be providing discount codes for organizational members that will remain valid for the entire two-year partnership agreement.

“Healthy Eats is dedicated to improving the health and wellness of our community, we are thrilled to announce our new partnership with Football Ontario. Our meal prep delivery service, which focuses on providing nutritionally balanced meals with high-quality proteins and meats, is the perfect fit for athletes looking to fuel their performance on and off the field. We are excited to support Football Ontario’s mission of developing and promoting amateur football in the province and look forward to serving their players and staff with delicious and nutritious meals that will help them achieve their goals.” says Luke Thomas, Founder and Owner of Healthy Eats.

Football Ontario is committed to partnerships that aim to reach the highest standards of excellence and the organization believes that this partnership with Healthy Eats is exactly that. Healthy Eats will provide our athletes and members with high quality food off the field so that athletes can perform their best on the field.


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