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October 25, 2022

Football Ontario Announces Partnership with NFL Canada

Football Ontario and NFL Canada Work to Provide NFL FLAG Football Kits to Schools and Programs Across the Province

Hamilton, Ontario – Football Ontario has partnered with NFL Canada as a part of the NFL FLAG-In-Schools Program to deliver NFL FLAG Football Kits to elementary and high schools throughout the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

These NFL FLAG Football Kits include all of the essentials (equipment, flag belts, balls, etc.) to start a flag football program in school  and will help to encourage schools and students to get active and learn the basics of football in a fun environment.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Football Ontario to bring the NFL FLAG-In-Schools program to the GTA,” said David Thomson, Managing Director of NFL Canada.. It provides an opportunity to bring flag football to students, parents and communities that have not been able to access the sport previously. NFL Canada is looking forward to expanding the program throughout the province and country in the coming years.” 

The NFL FLAG In-Schools Program aims to increase physical activity of youth by providing flag football resources to underserved communities. These resources can be used in physical education classes, at recess, for intramurals, and in tournaments.

With this initiative, Football Ontario and NFL Canada hope to introduce more young athletes and fans to the game of football, in an accessible, fun, fast-paced and inclusive format..

Football Ontario and NFL Canada hope for flag football to eventually be accessible at every school across the province and this partnership will help work towards that goal.

“We are very appreciative of NFL Canada and their support to help us get more flag football into elementary and high school in the GTA,” said Aaron Geisler, Executive Director of Football Ontario. Our goal is to help get more kids active and involved in football through flag football. The GTA pilot program is just a start and we cannot wait to grow this program beyond the GTA as we strive to grow the sport in Ontario.” 

Football Ontario is always looking for ways to grow the game of football and break down barriers to play across the province and by partnering with NFL Canada on this initiative, the organization is able to do just that.


Aaron Geisler

Executive Director


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