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July 19, 2022

Football Ontario Announces 2022 Tyler Tsui & Kiyena Tsui Greatness Scholarship Recipients

Two Athletes Receive Bursary for Exemplifying the ‘ALL IN’ Mindset and Embodying Football Ontario’s Core Values

Hamilton, Ontario – Football Ontario announced that the organization has been able to bestow two athletes with the Tyler and Kiyena Tsui Greatness Scholarships.

This scholarship was created by the organization’s Director of Sport, JT Tsui, and family, to reward those young athletes who exemplify an ‘ALL IN’ mindset and embody the core values of Football Ontario. The recipients have had their 2022 Team Ontario fees paid for as a reward for their mindset and hard work.

The organization is pleased to announce that the recipients of this years’ scholarships are Darrien Brown and Thomas Emmett Young Daley, who are both members of the U18 Team Ontario Male Tackle Program.

Darrien Brown is the recipient of the Kiyena Tsui Greatness Scholarship. Thomas Emmet Young Daley is the recipient of the Tyler Tsui Greatness Scholarship.

Both of these athletes have demonstrated an ‘ALL IN’ mentality throughout the entire High-Performance process by staying engaged and truly giving it their all both for themselves and their teammates throughout. Both athletes have displayed a true passion for the game and an ability to inspire others through their actions.

When asked what it meant to be ‘ALL IN’, Thomas Emmett Young Daley said, “to be there for my family, team and to give everything I have on and off the field. Also, to be a positive influence for the younger players to look up too.”

“Being all in for me is ownership, this is not a cause given to me, it is a part of me which means my job is not done until we ALL reach our goal.” says Darrien Brown, when asked what he believes it means to be ‘ALL IN’.

Both of these athletes have time and again demonstrated a mindset and passion that will not only help these young athletes in their future both on and off the field but also the many players they will play alongside.


Aaron Geisler

Executive Director


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