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For Immediate Release 

March 18, 2022

Football Ontario Announces 2022 Community Sport Club Grants for Membership

Ontario Government provides OFA new COVID-19 Relief Funding for membership

Hamilton, Ontario – Football Ontario announced that the organization has received provincial funding which will be dispersed to membership in the form of Community Sport Club Grants. These grants  will be available for all member associations of the provincial sport organization to access.


The Community Sport Club Grant is for members of the PSO who offer programming that supports alignment within the amateur sport system by offering a range of grassroots and competitive programming. This funding will support community football clubs across the province in sustaining their organizations and prepare for the football season. 

“The past couple years have provided several challenges for our community organizations and being able to provide any sort of financial relief is vital to the sustainability of football across the province.” Aaron Geisler, Executive Director of Football Ontario, said. “Football Ontario has surveyed all options in order to reduce financial barriers and provide funding opportunities for its membership and this is a benefit we are extremely excited to provide.”

To be eligible for this funding members must ensure all membership documentation and fees are submitted in full by April 22/2022.

Funding Eligibility Requirements:

  1. Must be a Member Club with all updated membership requirements for 2022
  2. Must be able to demonstrate expenses incurred related to the COVID-19 pandemic. This could include increases in programming expenses such as participants withdrawing from existing programs, increased expenses due to PPE and/or lower ratios of participants per facility
  3. Must provide updated 2021 financials showing losses incurred
  4. Must provide contacts for your association to begin using the Football Canada Mobile app and Players Health Rehab app (BOTH FREE TO MEMBERS)
  5. Commit to running a Football Canada First Down Program (ages 4-7) in the spring/fall if COVID-19 restrictions permit


For any general inquiries on the 2022 Football Ontario Community Club Grant contact


Aaron Geisler

Executive Director


ABOUT FOOTBALL ONTARIO: Football Ontario is the sanctioned provincial governing body for football in Ontario, through its focus on transparency, growth, alignment and excellence, is engaged in providing football opportunities for all of Ontario. Football Ontario is driven by a commitment to deliver football programming, opportunities and resources for its members and the provincial football stakeholders. Please visit: