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February 24, 2022

Football Ontario Announces Mindfulness Ambassador Program

Football Ontario to launch The Mindfulness Ambassador Program

Hamilton, Ontario – Football Ontario is excited to announce the Mindfulness Ambassador Program. The program will be available for any coach who chooses to register.


The Mindfulness Ambassador Program will focus on making sure that coaches across the province are happy, healthy, and well. Mental health is vitally important to Football Ontario and the organization wishes to make sure that all of its coaches are in a good spot mentally so that they can coach the many young athletes this province has to the best of their ability.

All proceeds from the Mindfulness Ambassador Program will be going directly to Football Ontario’s High Performance Programming and Team Ontario.

The Mindfulness Ambassador Program will be a full day session held virtually over Zoom on March 20, 2022 (9am-1pm). The total cost of registration for the program is $75. There are only 50 total spots available and these spots will be given on a first come first serve basis.

The program will be led by the Director of Sport for Football Ontario, JT Tsui. He will strive to help teach members how they can integrate the concepts of mindfulness into their daily routine, workspaces and schools at large to model these practices. 

“I am so enthused to be able to offer our coaches community an opportunity to learn, grow and evolve their personal wellness practice. This training will help anyone to gain a greater understanding of what mindfulness is, its basic concepts and teach you simple ways to integrate these practices into your daily lives. These simple practices will help you to experience more joy, calm and peace daily which will lead to more wins in all every area of your life” says JT Tsui, Director of Sport  for Football Ontario, says on leading the Mindfulness Awareness Program.

In this program, extensive knowledge and practices will be shared in the following areas:

  1. Exploration of the practice of mindfulness and facets of social and emotional learning
  2. Deep listening skills and the chance to apply them in perspective-taking discussions
  3. Communication skills to help build and maintain healthy relationships
  4. Reflective space to share  your experiences and learn from the insights of others
  5. Secular (non-faith based) mindfulness practices to help move you into a more present centered awareness


This evidence-based program is designed for anyone interested in integrating the core concepts of mindfulness, social and emotional learning into their daily lives and workspaces. If you wish to acquire a repertoire of skills and mindfulness practices that strengthens attention, promotes critical thinking and enhances overall well-being REGISTER TODAY.


Aaron Geisler

Executive Director


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