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January 27, 2022

Football Ontario Announces Partnership With PurpleShift

Football Ontario Partners With PurpleShift

Hamilton, Ontario – Football Ontario is proud to announce a partnership agreement with PurpleShift. Football Ontario is always focused on providing the best experience to its programs, members, and players and believes that this partnership will play a large part in achieving that goal.

PurpleShift is a recruiting, health, fitness, and social media app designed to objectively determine athletic ability. It is the S.A.T. of Sports – Standardized Athletic Testing. PurpleShift verifies athletic results using video evidence, so that all tests are done the same exact way.

PurpleShift was founded on the belief that sports should be completely objective. The organization is an all inclusive sports app that allows anyone to see where they are ranked, both globally and locally, in several categories.

As an athlete, PurpleShift is used to track your own athletic progress knowing that the results are 100% accurate and precise. Using that information as an athlete can help increase your chances of being recruited. 

As a coach or recruiter, you can use PurpleShift to track athletes whose athletic mould sparks your interest. You can then utilize the information available to compare athletes as a part of the recruiting process.

“PurpleShift was founded to create opportunity and hope for all athletes no matter who you are or who you know. PurpleShift gives the athlete control of their future from anywhere, at any time. With our partnership with Football Ontario we will be able to reach more athletes who may need our services immediately. We vow to do all we can to serve all athletes who are a part of the Football Ontario ecosystem.” says Micah Awe, founder of PurpleShift

How to use PurpleShift:

  1. Download the app
  2. Record yourself doing the athletic test
  3. Submit the test
  4. Receive your result and ranking

Once you have signed up and downloaded the app proceed to the Navigator. When you are in the Navigator click the “Get Verified box” located at the top of the screen. After that follow the directions on the screen and click submit. Once PurpleShift has verified your result you will be notified and will be able to see your results in the global rankings.

“We are excited to be able to offer to our membership and the Ontario Football community a great recruitment tool through Purple Shift. Thanks to the partnership and effort of Football Canada Purple Shift is now another benefit we can provide our athletes to help in their development and future football careers. With advancements in social media and mobile tools Purple Shift bridges the gap perfectly between those two to allow our athletes to be seen.” says Aaron Geisler, Executive Director of Football Ontario.

Football Ontario is committed to partnerships that aim to reach the highest standards of excellence and the organization believes that this partnership with PurpleShift is exactly that. PurpleShift will help to enhance the player experience and make it so players can see where they match up with the competition. 

Football Ontario believes that by partnering and working together the awareness and exposure of all of Football Ontario’s players will be greatly enhanced. The organization is looking forward to an enduring partnership that will benefit both organizations in the short and long-term.

Visit PurpleShift’s website to learn more and sign up today HERE.


Aaron Geisler

Executive Director

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