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Flag Football


Interested in being a member of the Team Ontario Flag Program or attending Team Ontario flag events to hone your skills?

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What is the Ontario Community Flag Football League?

The first provincial wide amateur 5-a-side and 7-a-side flag football league in Ontario providing a pathway to provincial championships for males and females from ages 10 -18+ aligned with Football Canada and the Canadian Flag Football League.

Club/Association ———-> Regionals————–> Provincials ————-> Nationals ————> Team Canada


Why participate in the OCFFL?

  • Encourage local development of flag football leagues and tournements
  • Engage non-traditional football athletes to the game
  • Provide regional and provincial championships for flag football in the province
  • Provide high performance selection pathways for Team Ontario: Coaches, Athletes and Officials
  • Pathway to National and International flag competition delivered by Football Canada and IFAF

Who can participate?

  • Any member association of Football Ontario can submit a team.
  • Any member association of Football Ontario can submit a bid to host a regional or provincial championship

Note: Due to the limited space available for sport due to COVID restrictions registration will be limited

    COVID-19 restrictions for Tournements

    Exhibition games, tournaments/festivals and leagues can be organized under the following conditions:

    • Organization of such events can only take place in Orange, Yellow or Green restriction zones.
    • Multiple teams, from different Clubs/Academies can form groupings (“Competitive Bubbles”) of no more than 50 players to participate in a sanctioned league or sanctioned competition of Football Ontario as per the current government order.
    • Note: Any government directives which impact bubble size, etc., will be communicated to membership accordingly.
    • Teams must observe a minimum of 14 days of “Team Isolation” before playing games within a different team “bubble” or against a new team outside the “bubble”.
    • During the “Team Isolation” period, only activities within the team can take place (i.e. training, inter-squad games.)

    Cost to Participate

    OCFFL tournment cost is $45 per athlete

    Benefits of Participating in the OCFFL?


      • No league fees
      • Host regional or provincial events
      • Participation growth oppurtunity
      • Access for members to regional and provincial championship
      • Oppurtunity to increase fundraising
      • COVID-19 compliant programming


    • Male and Female Pathways
    • Skill development for traditionally contact players
    • Low-cost competition that is COVID-19 compliant
    • New oppurtunities for non-traditionall football athletes to participate in football
    • ​Potential cross-provincial competition
    • Opportunity to represent Ontario at Regional and National competitions
    • Oppurtunity to earn representation with Team Canada at senior level

    Regionals: July/August

    Provincials: August/September

    South Eastern Ontario Regional 1: Date and Location TBD
    South Eastern Ontario Regional 2: Date and Location TBD
    South Western Ontario Regional 1: Date and Location TBD
    South Western Ontario Regional 2: Date and Location TBD
    Greater Toronto Area East 1: YORK REGION DATE TBD
    Greater Toronto Area East 2:Date and Location TBD
    Greater Toronto Area West 1:Date and Location TBD
    Greater Toronto Area West 2:Date and Location TBD
    North Eastern Ontario Regional 1: OTTAWA DATE TBD
    North Eastern Ontario Regional 2: BELLEVILLE DATE TBD
    North Western Ontario Regional 1:Date and Location TBD
    North Western Ontario Regional 2:Date and Location TBD

    Note: Dates and locations for Regional and Provincial competitions will be dependent on local, regional and provincial health restriction and compliance with COVID-19 protocols.

    OCFFL Provincial Championship: Date and Location TBD

    OCFFL Age Categories/Divisions

    Reserve your teams spot in Regionals

    Expression of Interest Team Registration: HERE

    Under 12 Mixed (10-11)

    Under 14 Male (12-13)

    Under 14 Female (12-13)

    Under 16 Male (14-15)

    Under 16 Female (14-15)

    Under 18 Male (16-17)

    Under 18 Female (16 – 17)

    Under 20 Male (18-19)

    Under 20 Female (18-19)

    Senior Mens 18+

    Senior Womens 18+

    Football Ontario is proud to announce a partnership agreement with Under Armour Flag Football Under the Lights program to help build and grow non-contact football within the province. The organization is focused on providing as many opportunities for participants as possible and realizes the untapped growth potential that is non-contact football.

    Under Armour is a well-respected organization within the sporting community that believes in the community as the ultimate team. They are an organization that sets high standards, implements strong programming and strategies and aspires to drive change. These standards and values align perfectly with Football Ontario’s Mission and Vision.

    Under the Lights is an Under Armour Flag Football Canada program currently the fastest-growing National Youth Flag Football League and has a proven system and tools to launch, grow and scale flag football leagues at speed in local communities.



    Jason Hayes has been named the new Head Coach and General Manager for the Team Ontario Male Flag Football with Football Ontario. Jason has had a lengthy career in football, both playing and coaching the sport.
    Brian Hemming has been named the new Head Coach and General Manager for Female Flag Football with Football Ontario. Brian has an illustrious storied career through football in Ontario that began in 1968 with the Burlington Minor Football Association (BMFA).