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December 1, 2023

Football Ontario Announces Under Armour as Official Uniform and Sideline Look 

Football Ontario Extends Deal with Area 51 as Official Supplier, Announces Under Armour as Official Uniform and Sideline Look

Hamilton, Ontario – Football Ontario is excited to announce their extended partnership with Area 51 Sports through 2029 as the Official Supplier. 

As the Official Supplier of Football Ontario, Area 51 Sports will be the exclusive provider of uniforms, apparel, player and field equipment, promotional goods and souvenirs. Having worked alongside Area 51, Football Ontario is confident that this partnership will prove efficacious as Area 51 continues to raise the bar with the items and apparel supplied to the organization.  

“We are happy to continue working with Football Ontario and helping to advance the game of football. As part of this agreement our Under Armour line shall become the official Uniform and sideline look for Football Ontario” says Chivase Bryan, CEO of Area 51 Sports.

As a part of this agreement, Under Armour shall become the Official Look of Football Ontario. The Provincial organization is focused on providing the best possible apparel and uniforms to its programs and members, and believes that this partnership will play a large part in achieving that goal.

Area 51 Sports is a Canadian minority owned and Ontario operated sports apparel company that specializes in team sports. They possess a wide array of suppliers which will make it possible to offer many options to the various programs including Team Ontario as well as member organizations. Area 51’s main goal is to lower the costs to the consumer so that everyone has access to the highest quality and standard of products. 

As a part of this agreement, Area 51 Sports will be providing Football Ontario with  Under Armour apparel which will be utilized to enhance the image of the organization’s High-Performance Programs, including its many Team Ontario teams.

All of the organization’s Team Ontario Programs will be completely rebranded with Under Armour apparel for the upcoming 2024 season, and the organization is excited to show off this brand at a National level.

Football Ontario member clubs will also be able to order high-quality apparel from Area 51 Sports, as the organization would like to ensure athletes across the province have what they need to succeed.

“We’re thrilled to extend our partnership with Area 51 Sports as our Official Supplier and unveil Under Armour as the Official Uniform for Football Ontario. This collaboration reflects our commitment to excellence, providing top-notch gear for our programs. The integration of Under Armour showcases our dedication to elevating our High-Performance Programs and Team Ontario teams. We believe this enduring partnership will not only boost brand awareness but also ensure our athletes have access to the highest-quality gear. Get ready for the 2024 season as we proudly showcase our rebranded Team Ontario Programs in Under Armour apparel, pushing Football Ontario to new heights!” says Aaron Geisler, Executive Director of Football Ontario.

Football Ontario is committed to partnerships that aim to reach the highest standards of excellence and the organization believes that this partnership with Area 51 is exactly that. Area 51 provides high quality gear to represent the Football Ontario brand, as well as providing member organizations with the best gear possible. 

Football Ontario looks forward to refitting the organization from top to bottom in Under Armour apparel, as the organization continues to strive for excellence in everything that it does. Providing athletes with some of the best equipment and apparel on the market is something the organization believes can help push Football Ontario to new heights.

This partnership will also include the Football Ontario Coach of the Year Program sponsored by Area 51 Sports. The recipient of this award will be granted $1500 in uniform and apparel credit to the winning coaches football association as well as a $250 cash reward to the winning coach. A trophy will also be provided to the winning coach. Stay tuned for more details on the program to follow.

Make sure to check out the Area 51 Sports website HERE. If you need any assistance or support or have any inquiries  you can reach them at

Football Ontario believes that by partnering and working together the brand awareness of all of Football Ontario’s member organizations will be greatly enhanced. The organization is looking forward to an enduring partnership that will benefit all organizations in the short and long-term.

Make sure to check out the brand new Football Ontario store to place orders on all the gear and apparel that you might need for the upcoming season: FOOTBALL ONTARIO STORE.

More information on our Team Ontario program will be dropping soon..

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